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Byrnes '34 Archives Finding Aids

The Byrnes '34 Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible materials relating to the history of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This guide provides insight into what the Archives holds in its collections.

Collection Name: Paul A. Byrnes, 1934 Notes

Room/Shelf-Row: 101C/A-4      Box Label: Paul A. Byrnes, 1934 ACP Course Notebooks, Dispensing Lab, Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology, Photos Labeled


Type of materials (papers/notebooks/photos/etc.): paper notes, photos, postcards, registered pharmacy certificates, liquor licenses

Dates: 1930s – 1950s?

Quantity (linear feet):  0.5 ft

Description (briefly describe what is included):

             Paul A. Byrnes was a 1934 graduate of ACP, and the college’s archives are now named after him. His notes show some similarities to the chemistry studied today, however his botany notes are a link to the past, when it was still a major course in the college.

Arrangement (alphabetical/chronological/etc.): Chronological

Contents per box (folder labels & number of folders per label):

  • 12 folders; all include notes/reports unless specified otherwise
    • Paul Byrnes 1934 Photos: Byrnes Pharmacy Postcards, Photo, 50th reunion (labeled)
      • 2 photos of Byrnes
      • 11 postcards of Byrnes Pharmacy
      • 1 photo from 50th reunion
      • 1 newspaper (2013)
      • 16 liquor licenses
      • 16 registered pharmacy certificates
    • MRS Paul A. Byrnes – Qualitative Analysis 193-?
    • MRS Paul A. Byrnes – Microbiology & Misc ACP Prom
      • 1 newspaper (ACP Junior Prom 1948)
    • MRS Paul A. Byrnes: Quantitative Analysis 1931?
    • MRS Paul A. Byrnes General Chemistry
    • Paul A. Byrnes: Botany Lab. Notes and Drawings 1932
    • Paul A. Byrnes: Histology Lab Reports (Pharmacology) 1932
    • Paul A. Byrnes: notes, general chem, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis 1931 – 33
    • Paul A. Byrnes: Microbiology lecture notes, lab 19
    • Paul A. Byrnes – Toxicology notes, inc insecticides 1933?
    • Paul A. Byrnes: Dispensing laboratory 1932 – 33
    • Paul A. Byrnes: Pharmacy lab reports 1932 – 33