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Center for Innovative Learning: Time-on-Task


Faculty Development

Pre-Work Interactive Video 7-minutes

This short interactive video explores the definition and use of the "Carnegie-hour" in higher education; the definition of time-on-task in the context of multiple learning modalities (face-to-face, hybrid, flipped, and online); and explores the reasons why it is so important for learners to understand the time-on-task expectations for their courses.

Webinar Recording 53-minutes

Setting Student Expectations for Time-on-Task
Recorded July 29, 2020
Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Carnegie-hour
  • Define time-on-task
  • Review 3 approaches for estimating time-on-task
  • Explore strategies to help students understand and manage time-on-task for improved outcomes


Setting Student Expectations for Time-on-Task
Recorded July 29, 2020

Additional Resources

Time-on-Task Overview 
Courtesy Rochester Institute of Technology

Time-on-Task Estimation Tool 
Courtesy Wake Forest University

Time-on-Task Estimation Tool - Estimation Details 
Courtesy Wake Forest University



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