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Center for Innovative Learning: Padlet

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Create a New Padlet Account

Learn to create a free Padlet account and learn to upgrade to a Padlet Pro account.
PDF Guide

Padlet Basics

Learn to use Padlet
10-minute video

Padlet Designs

Learn to modify the design of your Padlets including the use of different Padlet types (wall, canvas, stream, grid, shelf, backchannel, map, timeline)
24-minute video

Canvas and Padlet Integration

Learn to link a Padlet to a module in a Canvas course
8-minute video



Learn to attach files, links and other items to a Padlet
PDF Guide

Participant Anonymity

Learn how to change settings to show or hide participants names when commenting.
PDF Guide

Participant Reactions

Learn how to change settings to allow participants to react to posts. Learn to select different reaction types (star, heart, etc.)
PDF Guide

Privacy Settings

Learn how to change settings to make show/hide your padlet on the internet.
PDF Guide

URL Link

Learn to customize your padlet link to make it easier for students to access
30-second video