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ACPHS Library Services: Technology

Student Printing - PaperCut

Printers are available for student use in the Library or Information Commons. You can print directly from your personal laptop, tablet, smart phone, or from any of the Public Computers available in the Library or Information Commons.

Installing PaperCut Mobility Print

Once PaperCut Mobilty Print software is installed, you can send print jobs to the student printers from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone when connected to the ACPHS Secure Wireless network.  If you have any problems with or questions about installing the system on your laptop or smart device contact the IT Services Support Center and Help Desk.

Sending a Print Job Using PaperCut

  • If you are using your personal laptop, tablet, or smart phone, you will need to select the printer called "Student BW” (for printing in black/white) or “Student Color" (for printing in color). 

* * iPhone users, look for 3 horizontal dots at the top of the screen to print.  Android users, look for 3 vertical dots at the top of the screen to print.* *

  • If you are using a Library Public Computer, select the printer called “ACPHS_Library on print03”.

  • Before you send a print job through PaperCut make sure all settings are correct as it can affect the cost of the print job (i.e. Black & White vs. Color and Single vs. Double-sided). 

  • When you send a print job, PaperCut may ask for your ACPHS Username and PasswordAfter you send a print job it will be held in the print queue until you release it at a Student Printer.

Releasing a Print Job from a Student Printer Using PaperCut

  • From the printer numeric key pad, enter your ACPHS ID# and select Login.   

  • You can also use your fob to release a print job at a Student Printer. Instructions on how to set up your fob can be found here.

  • To view your print job before printing, select Print Release and tap on a print job to view the number of pages and the cost.  After confirming that the print job and cost are correct, select Print.   ‚ÄčIf you have any problems with or questions releasing print jobs contact the IT Services Support Center and Help Desk.

Paying for Printing & Copying

Fall and Spring Semesters:  At the beginning of each semester, students receive a $12.50 credit on the PaperCut Student Printing System to be used during the Fall and Spring Semester.    Students who use up their allotted $12.50 before the end of a semester can continue to print and will billed by Student Accounts on a monthly basis.  Printing credits have no dollar value other than for printing and leftover funds will not carry over to the next semester.   NOTE:  P4 Students will receive their Fall printing credit at the start of Module A and their Spring printing credit at the start of Module F.

Summer Sessions:  Students can print as needed and will be billed monthly for any printing completed outside of the Fall and Sprng Semesters.   

 Printing/Copying Charges:

  Single-sided, Black & White   $0.10  
  Double-sided, Black & White     $0.15
  Single-sided, Color    $0.25
  Double-sided Color   $0.40

Note: When your print job has a combination of both color and black & white pages, the system will charge your account accordingly.

Responsible Printing Practicies

Tips for Responsible Printing

  • Rather than print, use the functionality of your laptop, tablet, or smart phone to view, manage, edit and organize documents
  • Only print the pages you need, when you need them
  • Only print what you need for your own personal use
  • Plan ahead and print larger documents during less busy times in the Library
  • Always select double-sided printing
  • Print in color only when necessary
  • Do not print multiple chapters from e-books as this may be a violation of copyright
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on one page:
    • Under Print Settings, you can change the print layout to Handouts and designate the number of slides (up to 9) you want to appear on each page
  • Print multiple pages per sheet: 
    • After you select the printer, go to Printer Properties, then Layout.  From there you can select multiple pages per sheet.  This works well for PowerPoint slides that are created as a PDF


Students may photocopy in both black & white and color using the Student Printers in either the Library or Information Commons.  The costs for photocopying are the same as for printing. 


Scanning at no charge may be done at the Student Printers in Albany and Vermont. Albany has the additional option to scan from the desktop scanner attached to one of the public work stations. 


Faxes may be sent to and from the Library and the Information Commons.  To send a document to a fax number within the United States please ask a staff member for assistance.  Faxing services to international numbers is not available.

In Vermont,  contact staff at the Services Desk in the Information Commons on fax options in the administrative area.

Albany fax: (518) 694-7300

Vermont fax: (802) 654-0701

Computers & Tablets

Desktop computers are available for student use in the Library & Information Commons.  In addition, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences students who are registered library patrons in good standing may check out a tablet (iPad) and/or peripherals (i.e. power cords, Ethernet cords, computer mice etc.) from the Library. Students with excessive outstanding fines may not be eligible to borrow library materials.


iPads may be checked out by Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences faculty, staff, and students with a current ACPHS ID card, who maintain a valid library account in good standing.  Longterm Loan iPads can be borrowed for 4 days. The loan period for iPads on Reserve is 3 hours. All iPads must be returned directly to a library representative at the User Services Desk.

Peripheral Loans

Network cables, power supplies, headphones and mice are also available for loan. The loan period for these items is 6 hours (no renewals).


Tablets and peripherals are to be returned on time and intact to the User Services Desk. The Library is not responsible for any information left on a tablet once it is returned, or for any loss or damage to a user's files during the loan period

Loss or Damage

Students are responsible for the full replacement cost if any items charged out to them are lost and the full repair cost if any items are damaged. Damage or loss charges will be applied to the student's College bill.


You are responsible for the items charged out to you. Items should not be left unattended or shared at any time. Any loss or damage should be reported to a library staff member immediately.

Proper Care and Use

Tablets are delicate electronic devices and require certain care to ensure proper operation.

Additional policies regarding the proper use of ACPHS computing devices and networks can be found in the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Computer Policy which is located in the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Student Handbook.