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ACPHS Library Services: Paul Byrnes '34 Archives

Contact the Archives


ph:  518-694-7891

fax:  518-694-7300

Access is by appointment only.

The Paul Byrnes '34 Archives

The Paul Byrnes '34 Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible materials relating to the history of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Located in the Lewis Library, the Archives contains a collection of documents created and gleaned from the day-to-day processes and workings of the College. Among its holdings are meeting minutes, College publications, and personal papers from ACPHS community members. 

Collection Policy

Every potential acquisition will follow these guidelines:


The collection will serve the Archives' primary audience which is the ACPHS community. This consists of current administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, but also may include interested members of the public.

Scope of Materials

  • Materials directly address the history of ACPHS.
  • Materials may be in any format concerning ACPHS, including social events, news events, professional affairs and administrative activities.
  • The Archives is not the appropriate repository for items relating to pharmacy or education in general, but to ACPHS in specific. Nor is it a repository for books in general. Acceptable books are texts written by ACPHS faculty, staff, students, or alumni.
  • The Archives is a repository for ACPHS Masters student theses. These are submitted to the ACPHS Office of Graduate Education as a Masters degree requirement. All theses must conform to the standards outlined by that Office.

Gifts Policy

The Archives is happy to accept donations that fall within the scope of its collection policy. Any collection accepted commits us to the task of organizing and preserving it. This involves hand labor and costs of archival supplies. Donors are encouraged to include a monetary donation to fund the cost of processing and preserving their materials. Due to limited staffing, budget and space, all donations or gifts are subject to review by the Paul Byrnes ’34 Archives and may be declined.

  • Materials infested by insects or mold will not be accepted.
  • Materials in which the donor’s ownership is in question or is dispute will not be accepted.
  • The Archives will not accept permanent loans of material and will not assume liability for materials that are not owned by ACPHS.

Once a donation is accepted, a Deed of Gift must be signed by the donor specifying the materials to be donated. This Deed of Gift transfers any rights the donor may have concerning ownership or copyright to the Paul Byrnes ’34 Archives. 

The archivist will not appraise gifts. 

Deed of Gift