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Scholarly Communication Topics

Welcome to the Scholarly Communication Toolkit

The purpose of this guide is to assist faculty, resident, & student researchers with publishing and maintaining records of scholarly works.  

Copyright and Fair Use: A guide to copyright and determining what is fair use.

Author Rights: Learn about your rights as an author and ways to retain your rights when you publish.

Impact Metrics: Learn about journal impact factors and the rising use of article-level metrics.

Author Identifiers & Profiles:  Learn about ORCiDs, and other tools to organize your scholarly outputs.

Open Access: Learn about making your papers and research freely available to others, and the advantages of doing so.

Open Data: Open data facilitates the visibility and re-use of data without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. Learn more about freely sharing data.

NIH Mandate: The National Institutes of Health mandates that any published article that results from publicly funded research be made freely available online. Learn about how to comply.

Choosing a Journal:  Learn about what to consider when choosing a journal to publish your manuscript.

ACPHS Research Commons:  Learn how to display your work in the Research Commons.