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ChatGPT and AI

Resources on ChatGPT and AI for Faculty


Generative AI Policies - See file below for policies created by ACPHS Writing Instructor & Writing Program Director, Anna Eyre, PhD 

AI Detection Tools

There are many tools available to detect AI generated content.  ACPHS subscribes to TurnitIn which is incorporated in Canvas.

Resources for Faculty

Below are resources geared to faculty who are exploring how they can use or counter ChatGPT in their college classrooms:

Below are some examples and resources for syllabus language on ChatGPT/Generative AI:

Assignment Ideas

To counter ChatGPT

  • Create assignments using physical archival sources 
  • Use local topics, more current topics and require students to use academic journal articles and books that are behind library subscription paywalls
  • Require students provide outlines and drafts, with explanations of their thinking and process

 Incorporate and use ChatGPT

  • Have students create a ChatGPT-generated essay, then critique, correct, and edit the essay
  • Assign your students to ask ChatGPT the same question and compare answers
  • Students can have a dialog with ChatGPT about a topic, asking follow-up questions critiquing ChatGPT's answers correct incorrect
  • Use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas