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ChatGPT and AI

Resources on ChatGPT and AI for Faculty

Artificial Intelligence and Teaching

Artificial Intelligence and Teaching: A Community Conversation - Yale University Poorvu Center


Generative AI Policies - See file below for policies created by ACPHS Writing Instructor & Writing Program Director, Anna Eyre, PhD 

Resources for Faculty

Below are resources geared to faculty who are exploring how they can use or counter ChatGPT in their college classrooms:

Below are some examples and resources for syllabus language on ChatGPT/Generative AI:

Assignment Ideas

To counter ChatGPT

  • Create assignments using physical archival sources 
  • Use local topics, more current topics and require students to use academic journal articles and books that are behind library subscription paywalls
  • Require students provide outlines and drafts, with explanations of their thinking and process

 Incorporate and use ChatGPT

  • Have students create a ChatGPT-generated essay, then critique, correct, and edit the essay
  • Assign your students to ask ChatGPT the same question and compare answers
  • Students can have a dialog with ChatGPT about a topic, asking follow-up questions critiquing ChatGPT's answers correct incorrect
  • Use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas