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Faculty Toolkit: Information Literacy & Library Instruction

Use this guide to learn about information literacy and ways to collaborate with the library to incorporate information literacy learning outcomes into your courses.

In-Class Sessions

Course Guides

Interactive Tutorials

LMS Integration

Library Instruction Options

Below are some of the instructional options that the library offers in collaboration with faculty, to support student development of information literacy skills:

Class Sessions 

  • Instruction customized to course assignments and to what faculty want their students to achieve from the session
  • Potential topics include but not limited to: finding relevant and scholarly information sources using library databases and other tools, source evaluation techniques,citing sources/avoiding plagiarism
  • Delivered in-person or real time via Zoom; Sessions can also be recorded for asynchronous delivery for on-line classes


  • Tailored to support a specific assignment and/or skills that faculty want their students to achieve
  • Include interactive activities and built-in quizzes to assess a student's understanding of the content
  • Faculty can save class time by assigning online tutorials as homework, or use them to complement an in-class library session

Course/Research Guides

  • Can be designed specifically for your course and assignments or focus on a subject or topic
  • Online guides provide links to relevant library resources, tutorials, and ways to get assistance from the library so your students can successfully complete course assignments requiring research

Check out the examples below: 

BIO 210: Adopt-A-Microbe

BIO 615: Public Health Microbiology

Canvas Integration/Embedded Library Resource & Tools

  • Online tutorials, lecture recordings and course/research guides can be embedded in your Canvas course for easy access and point of need learning​​​