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Faculty Toolkit: Information Literacy & Library Instruction

Use this guide to learn about information literacy and ways to collaborate with the library to incorporate information literacy learning outcomes into your courses.

Information Literacy at ACPHS

In 2023 ACPHS adopted a set of nine Foundational Literacies and three Competencies as the core of ACPHS' General Education curriculum. Information Literacy is the fourth Foundational Literacy and is defined below:  

4. Determine the nature and extent of information need; find, access and critically evaluate information to accomplish a specific purpose and use information in an ethical and legal manner.

4.1  Define the scope of the information need

4.2 Identify relevant key concepts or main ideas related to information need and identify the different types and formats of information sources, employing good judgment in the selection and use of sources.  

4.3 Determine appropriate keywords and related search terms, developing and executing effective search strategies using appropriate tools

4.4 Apply approprate criteria to evaluate the reliability, relevance, authority and accuracy of information found and critically evaluate the creators of the sources, including tone, subjectivity and biases

4.5 Acknowledge the original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation.


How Can I Incorporate IL in my Courses?

ACPHS Librarians offer a variety of instructional options (virtual and in-person) to ensure that students are meeting information literacy general learning outcomes before they graduate. Our goal is to integrate information literacy at the course and program level so students are academically successfully and building life-long information literacy skills.

Select Library Instruction & Assignment Ideas from the menu on the left to learn about ways to incorporate information literacy into your course and assignments.