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BIO 210: Adopt-a-Microbe

Links to tutorials and library resources supporting the Bio 210 Adopt-A-Microbe assignment.

Helpful Tutorials & Videos

PubMed Searching

One of the requirements for the Adopt-a-Microbe assignment is to complete the library tutorials below:

Peer review is a process where journal publishers ask a group of experts to evaluate an article's quality to determine if the article is worthy of publication in the journal.  These experts are the author's "peers" since they are working in the same research area.  If an article receives enough approval from the experts then it is published in the journal and qualifies as peer reviewed.

Tip: It is more efficient to use the ACPHS Library's databases rather than Google to find peer reviewed articles. When using an article database, look for a check box near the search box to limit your search to only peer reviewed articles. 

Check out this video from North Carolina State University Libraries to learn more about the peer review process.

Intentional plagiarism is what most people think of when they think of plagiarism, but the majority of cases are committed by accident.

  • Paraphrase- Use your own words to express another author's ideas or information and provide an in-text citation and list the source in your list of references
  • Take good notes and keep track of your sources so you can easily cite them later
  • Acknowledge all sources- indicate where the information you are using is coming from in your citation list.  When in doubt, cite.
  • Properly use quotes-when you quote a source directly make sure you include the appropriate quotation marks

Find Articles

Search the library article databases to find primary research articles and review articles on your assigned microbe. Remember to use the links below, or link to the databases from the Library Services homepage so you can connect to full text.