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Remote Library Resources & Services

This Guide provides tips for remote access to library resources and services needed for your classes and doing research.

Student Printing/Copying/Scanning - PaperCut  Mobility

Printers are available in Student Center Atrium, Library, PCL Classrooms (outside PCL012), and the second floor of the O'Brien Building. You can print directly from your personal laptop, tablet, or smart phone using PaperCut Mobility Print software installed on your device.  

Installing PaperCut Mobility Print:  Go to to download PaperCut Mobility Printing and follow prompts to install PaperCut on your device.

Once PaperCut Mobility Print software is installed, you can send print jobs to the student printers from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone when connected to the ACPHS Secure Wireless network.  If you have any problems with or questions about installing the system on your laptop or smart device contact the IT Services Support Center and Help Desk.


  • If using your own device choose PAPERCUT Mobility Color or PAPERCUT Mobility BW.

  • If using the library's public computers, select the printer ACPHS_LIBRARY on print04. Before you send a print job double-check your settings (i.e. Black & White vs. Color and . Single vs. Double-sided) by selecting "Printer Properties."

  • Enter your ACPHS Username and Password. After you send a print job, it will be held in the print queue until you release it from a student printer.

Releasing a Print Job, Photocopying, or Scanning from a Student Printer Using PaperCut: 

  • Instructions and screenshots for releasing print jobs, photocopying, or scanning from student printers can be found on the IT Services Support Center website here.

IT Printing Support: 

  • If you have any problems with or questions about printing, photocopying or scanning, please email or call the IT Services Support Center/Help Desk to make an appointment. 
  • Email: 
  • Phone: (518) 694-7358