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Principles of Communication: Find Books and Articles

This guide will assist students in locating information for the Principles of Communication Therapy Recommendation assignment

Core Reference Books for Background Information

Find background information sources for initial understanding of the medical condition that you are researching.  These sources will provide you with an overview of the medical condition and provide information on current treatment options. 

You can use the core reference books  listed below or find more scholarly books on your medical condition by searching Discovery on the library homepage.

Search ACPHS and beyond

Type in the keywords you selected and search Discovery to find books and articles on your topic



Selected Article Databases

Discovery lets you access multiple resources in many formats in one simple search and is a great place to get started with your research. The next step in the research process is to search the specialized article databases to find more tailored results on your medical condition and treatments.

Check out the Library's article databases listed below.