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Center for Innovative Learning: COVID 19 Online Teaching

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Going Online Fast: Get Started Right Now

A list of things you can do right now to get started!

Make Your Canvas Course Student-Friendly in a Hurry

Help your students follow the flow of your online course and understand how your lectures, assignments, discussions, readings, etc. are related.

Using Zoom Effectively

 Tips to help your ZOOM sessions run more smoothly.

Faculty to Faculty Support

Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring and Support Available
Late 2019, the college conducted a survey to 'catalog' faculty expertise with various teaching and learning tools and techniques as well as faculty interest/availability to help others. Community response was fantastic! The result is a datab
ase of faculty who've volunteered to share their expertise via mentoring, answering questions, sharing examples, and training.

Want to talk to a peer who has lectured online using Zoom?  Wondering whether it's feasible to run an online discussion board using Panopto or VoiceThread? Trying to make your online course more interactive with TurningPoint or Kahoot polling? Our community has a rich with experience and generous in spirit.  

image of document icon   Faculty Resources: Teaching and Learning Tools and Techniques

Articles of Interest

Moving Online Now: How to keep teaching during Corona Virus

The Chronicle of Higher Education

"This special Chronicle collection includes our best advice guides and opinion pieces on online learning, to help faculty and staff members make the adjustment if that time comes." Topics include:

  • The Decision to Move Classes Online
  • Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start
  • How to Be a Better Online Teacher: A Comprehensive Advice Guide
  • 4 Lessons from Moving Face-to-Face Course Online
  • Live From My Living room, It's My Classroom!
  • Resources

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Panopto- (pick Canvas)

Office 365-


Tutorials on these and more can be found in the Instructional Technology Page